Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Hey Y'all!
Yesterday's finds at my favorite junk store are below!  I got fussed at by some important people who said that they don't sell junk at that store.  I hope I didn't hurt their feelings.   It's such wonderful junk though--seriously!

First--a heavily insulated bag that I think was made to hold insulin and pump supplies.  It is the perfect little size for my digital camcorder!  Plenty of room for the charger, extra mini dvds, and SD cards too!  LOVE IT!
 Robbie was so happy when I showed this book to him!  It's hardback and in excellent condition!  The pages are gold leafed on the edges.
 Nice pair of black dress pants in my size!
 Also found a jacket that is made by Villager, a Liz Claiborne company.  Love it as it's so comfy!
 I debated on whether or not I wanted this jacket.  It is so ugly that it's cute!  Love the detail and it'll look great with anything!
 Billie Letts is one of my favorite authors.  The book she's most well known for is, "Where the Heart Is."  This was also made into a movie a few years ago.

Total Spent:  $11.00
Yep-----Daaasssss rite!


  1. Cool finds! You should join in my "Junkin Finds" party. I will have my first Linky starting tomorrow. Might get some folks to check out your blogs. Think about it!!