Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday's Junk

Hey Y'all!  Here's what I got yesterday at The Junk Store in my hometown!
 Hand Crocheted Scarf
 Smooth, silky velvety scarf---gonna use it to make flowers for headbands with!
 Black Ruffled (even though you can't tell) Scarf---to be made into headbands soon.
 Pair of vintage pillowcases...
 Large Vintage pillowcase
 Lovely vintage Pillowcase--gonna add that to my HUGE old pillowcase collection!
 2 oz plastic sauce cups--gonna make some smaller wax tarts using these as molds
 1920s or 1930s Depression Glass Sugar Bowl (lid was missing)
This will be turned into a pin-cushion really soon!
 Huge furry feelin' purse in Cheetah print--just because I'm sassy like that!  ha ha
 Inside of the bag---actually I'm planning on using this as a camera case for my new Canon Rebel digital camera!  Plenty of room!!

I think KNOW I love Monday's junk at The Junk Store! 
Total Spent:  $8.00
--Yep, daassss rite!

P.S.  As I drove by there this morning, after dropping Robbie off at daycare, I noticed a BUNCH of bags had been left by the front door!  CAN'T WAIT Y'ALL!!

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