Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ta-Da Tuesday!

Hey Y'all!
Well...all those bags by the front door of the thrift shop didn't offer much yesterday.  I'm hoping they haven't had time to put everything out yet.  More than likely, it was all clothes for little girls or skinny people--neither of which are ever on my shopping list!
So...not a lot bought yesterday, but I did HAVE to get the Battleship game (picture above) from 1967.  Don't you like how mother and daughter are slaving at the sink, washing dishes, while father and son are enjoying a nice "after dinner" game?!  Whew!
The reason I HAD to get it, is because Robbie has taken to playing Battleship with us.  Him and my daddy played Monday night before supper, so when I saw this OLD one, I had to have it.  I know he's gonna love it, but I think I'm going to put it up for later.  This game may be worth big money someday since it's already 43 years old!  Whew-wee! 
After that, I looked through the VCR movies and found Monkey Trouble, The Bear, and Maisy's Friends.  Robbie LOVES Maisy and was so happy when I gave this to him yesterday.  The Bear is based on a children's book and is PERFECT for my 7th and 8th graders as we're doing Child Development right now.  They had to watch it (30 minutes of PEACE AND QUIET for me!) and then fill out a review sheet as to whether or not it would be appropriate for a preschooler.  They really enjoyed doing this activity!  Here's the picture of the tapes:
Total Spent:  $4.00
Yep....Daassss rite!
See you here tomorrow!

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